Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Most decidedly NOT the Chris Farley political farce, “Black Sheep” is a horror movie that takes place on a sheep farm in New Zealand.  And it features:

1)     A mad scientist.

2)     An offal pit full of discarded, chemically treated (and still chemically active) sheep remains.

3)     A slip and fall into said offal pit.

4)     Man-sheep love (off-camera, you pervs).

5)     Genetically/chemically altered, bloodthirsty sheep.

6)     Humans that mutate into were-sheep.

7)     Sweeping views of the luscious New Zealand countryside, with nary a hobbit in sight.

Need I go on?  I’ll say it again—were-sheep.

If seeing something craptastically awesome were measured in pieces of delicious candy, then after watching this movie I would have THE HALLOWEEN SWAG OF THE GODS, a pile of candy large enough to make the dentists of the world wail with misery.  Which makes me sort of happy, because I generally don’t like dentists (though the one I have now is really very nice).  See it.  I can promise you—it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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