This Just In: DePotorLand Music in the News!

Hey, everyone!

A while ago George read the book Merchant of Death by Douglas Farah and Stephen Braun and then, wrote a song called “We Deliver” about arms dealer Victor Bout as a result.  George sent Douglas Farah a link to the song–which he said he enjoyed and sent around to other “Boutophiles” (his word, not mine), and then George sent Douglas Farah the link to the video he put together recently.  Stephen Braun recently wrote an article for discussing Bout’s trial underway in Thailand.  Said blog went out on the AP wire, AND HE MENTIONED DEPOTORLAND!  🙂

Here’s the quote from the article (full article linked here):

It will not be easy. The Web is flooded with photographs of a haggard Bout in his Thai jail cell, as well as news stories, websites and Facebook pages. There have been documentaries, books and a suspense novel based on the Russian businessman. Bout dismissed the “Lord of War” film as “a bad movie.” A rock group, DePotorland, recently released a new video for a song about Bout, “We Deliver.”


And here’s the video:

Yay!  DePotorLand rocks!


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