Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

To those unfamiliar: WordPress promotes a weekly photo challenge, and it can be on whatever topic its little heart desires.  How I long for a roller derby photo challenge, but I digress.  This week, their challenge was, as I’m sure you’ve sussed out from the title, hands.

The below photo was taken last weekend at my niece’s college graduation party.  The hands in question belong to me, my niece, my sister and my nephew.  The party had a lot of promise right from the start–great reason, family pride, and it’s hard to argue with being at an outdoor tiki bar on the water on an early summer day.  This party, however, was also about the juxtaposition of change and unity.  My niece’s life is now different, she is changing, and we have to change around her.  That’s fine, it’s what’s supposed to happen.  But we can still come together as a unit, goofy X’s that indicate we can access the open bar unexpectedly morphing into a symbol of togetherness.  Dig it.

10 responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. I was a little confused at first, I always think of those x’s as barring you from alcoholic consumption… I spent way too many nights with a bottle of hand sanitizer in a bar’s bathroom.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      LOL! I try not to think about what’s lurking on the porcelain in a public bathroom. But no, in this case, the X’s are pro-consumption. 🙂 And a good time was had (responsibly) by all.


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