X! Challenge: The Old Barn Door

I was in Spokane, WA for a residency at Gonzaga University, working on my Master’s degree.  One of our assignments involved simply walking around campus and taking pictures of things we might not necessarily have noticed as we went around our daily business.  The Gonzaga campus was beautiful, but I liked the pictures of the un-lovely things.  I distinctly remember a friend’s picture that she shot through a knot in a fence, showing construction.  Anyway.  This door was to a storage barn, and what you see of the building gives you a pretty good idea of the rest of the building–corrugated metal, function without beauty.  But the doors were weathered and interesting, a strangely charming feature on a perfunctory structure.  I took this picture on the way back to the classroom; it was the final picture I took for the assignment and it was snapped almost as an afterthought.  When I put this picture up on the screen to share with my class, it was greeted by a chorus of, “Ooh!” and “Cool!” and, more importantly, “Wait, where is THAT on campus?”  It was the door to the storage shed right behind this building, I told them.  We’d all walked past it on the way back.  I’d nearly missed it too.  Let that be a lesson to me.

This post is for the “X Challenge by Frizztext”

Because I love a good alphabet challenge

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