Travel Theme: Secret Places

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack? runs a weekly travel theme on her blog.  I’m new to her stuff but really enjoy not only what she writes, but what her readers contribute.  It’s an incredibly fun and often breathtakingly beautiful page.

This week’s travel theme is “secret places”.  As I still have Venice    on the brain–which I’m thinking I should research as a legitimate medical condition, because doctor, I get no relief–I immediately thought of the Venetian streets.  See, here’s the thing about Venice…the Grand Canal and the several twisty-turny and poorly-defined “blocks” that flank the Grand Canal, are jam-packed with people and shops and cafes and music and you’d be hard pressed to find a secret place if your life depended on it.  But perseverance pays off.  Walk a little bit further in, wander away from the noise and the crowds, and you’ll find a deserted Venice, one with empty streets and dark alleys and mysterious shadows.  Wander that way at night and the boats get ghostly in the moonlight.  Pay a little attention and you’ll find the abandoned gates of former gondola garages that are sinking with the city.  Feast your eyes, and let your imagination tell you story about what goes on in these quiet streets.

On the hidden business end of the street.

Ghostly boats at night.

A deserted alley.

A dilapidated former garage.

What places spark your imagination?

8 responses to Travel Theme: Secret Places

  1. I’m afraid there’s no cure for Venice on the brain, beyondpaisley – I went down with it many years ago and am still afflicted to this day. Really lovely photos – I once visited Venice in the off-season, which is another great way to experience the secret side of this enchanting place. I love your ghostly boats. 🙂


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I was a few weeks away from the start of tourist season, and it was already pretty full of people (though nowhere near as tourist-dense as Rome). I would love to go back when it’s entirely off-season. I was also really taken with the boats at night. The not-in-the-tourist-zone nighttime vibe is so different from the Venice that most people see. I need to make a lot of money so I can spend a lot of time there… 🙂


      • I need to discover a rich relative who will leave me a nice inheritance so I can spend lots of time everywhere 🙂


      • Same here, but I’m holding out hope that I was accidentally switched at birth and am in reality heiress to a rather large fortune 😉


  2. jeseris

    Love the photos! I am heading to Venice the day after tomorrow and your post has left me inspired! 🙂


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Oh! I’m so jealous. I’ve got a longer blog about Venice, just click on the “Venice” link on the secret spaces page. I was just there in March, and I. LOVE. That city. I need to become rich enough so I can buy an apartment there. LOL Have fun! Tell me all about it when you get back.


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