A! Challenge: Architecture

When my boyfriend and I visited Cleveland, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade.  My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw where we were staying.  First opened in 1890, the Arcade was one of America’s first enclosed shopping malls and an exquisite display of wrought iron and opulence.  A four-story atrium.  Vaulted glass ceilings.  Damn, Cleveland.  Nice place!

This is the picture everyone who’s ever walked in there has taken. But hey, if it works…

And then I realized it was even more awesome in black and white.

Paging Mr. Ziegfeld, your follies are ready.

Just a little fancy railing among friends.

Once you start looking up at the beautiful glass ceiling, you won’t want to stop.

A is also for Added bonus: this place is close to everything cool.  It’s right down the block from some great restaurants (including Michael Symon’s Lola, get the beef cheek pierogies or you’ll regret it forever) and is an easy, maybe ten minute walk to North Coast Harbor, around which is clustered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Browns Stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center.  Go for the architecture, stay for whatever else you want to do.

This post is for the A! Challenge by Frizztext

Because I love a good alphabet challenge.

8 responses to A! Challenge: Architecture

  1. Shelby Deutschle

    Ah, c’mon. How much are they paying you to photoshop pictures of this magnificent hotel?


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I’m sure I have a longer blog about Cleveland in me at some point. We had a *great* time and it was a really fun place to visit. They’re really doing what they can to overcome the “Industrial Hole” reputation they’ve had for so long (and they had a river that caught on fire, so rightly so, that reputation) BUT! There’s some beautiful stuff downtown, and lots and lots to do. Definitely recommended.


  2. Garzilla

    Love the railings (of course), but even more impressed with the structural arch supports. Metal… is art!


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