B! Challenge: Back Yard

I’m a city girl, or at least, a really busy suburb girl.  I grew up in central New Jersey (you got a problem with that?), surrounded by major highways and air traffic and a commuter rail to Manhattan.  I’ve lived in both the Boston metro area and San Antonio, Texas, and suffice it to say that these are both developed regions.  So imagine my surprise when I found myself A) smack-dab in the middle of Pennsylvania, and B) with a farm in my back yard.  (And C) I love it here.)  It’s true.  Our neighbor farms the strip of land that abuts our back yard; I’ve seen soy and alfalfa planted and watched the corn grow knee-high almost overnight.  I’ve watched hay baling.  When did I ever think I’d watch hay baling?

There’s a creek that runs along the other side of the farm (or a “crick”, for you central PA-ers) that attracts all sorts of wildlife.   Often that wildlife consists of groundhogs and skunks, but sometimes, you get unexpected visitors.  Anyway.  Here are some B-is-for-back-yard photos; it’s all a wonder and mystery to me, in a good way.

My neighbor, mowing the alfalfa.

Taking a break with dad.

The view from my back porch.

This guy was out back about a week ago.

Red-tailed hawk?  Seems to be.  Any bird people out there?  That’s the story I’m sticking with until I hear otherwise.

And he brought a friend.

This would not be the day to step out in my mouse-topped hat.

And then, just this very morning…

A deer running across the field. Please note the nicely baled alfalfa (see farmer in first picture).

Hey. ‘ssup?

Who knows what I’ll see tomorrow?

This post is for the B! Challenge by Frizztext

Because I love a good alphabet challenge.

4 responses to B! Challenge: Back Yard

  1. jp

    Hmmm…could that be a mating (or mated) pair of hawks? Anyone? Bueller?

    When they can, they (e.g., red-tailed hawks) mate for life. Isn’t it intense that some bird species do that?

    Hooray for your back yard habitat!


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