Music: Fun With Acronyms!

My boyfriend and I were driving down the road the other day discussing the band KISS, and sort of joking about how people said it stood for all sorts of ridiculous things; he’d heard that it secretly meant Kids In Support (of) Satan, and I remember hearing that it stood for Knights ISatan’s Service.

Can you feel the evil?

And then we started talking about the idea that all bands or performers had to have names that were anagrams describing what they’re all about.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, in no particular alphabetical order:

REM:  Ha ha!  No, not rapid eye movement but rather, Really Enigmatic Men

Prince:  Petite Rocker Interweaves Nudity, Christianity, Electronics

(The) Kinks:  Kinship Inspires Near Killing Spree

Phish:  Phucking Hipsters ISweaty Hemp

(The) Who:  Wildly Hurling Objects

AC/DC:  Angry Celts, Deliciously Crude

(The) Beatles:  Bobblehead English Artists, Teens Love Endearing Smiles

Edith Piaf:  Entertainer, Diminutive, Iron Throated Honey, Paris IAppropriately Fascinated

More to come!  All suggestions welcome.

PS: SORRY! If you got a link about “anagrams”.  I originally sent this link out with the wrong word in the title–written after driving all day, no excuse, but still, that’s what happened–and corrected it as quickly as I could…but not until some of you had the wrong link.  My apologies.  I’ll be more careful in the future.

4 responses to Music: Fun With Acronyms!

  1. Garzilla

    Phish? Another possibility (in a similar vein): Patchouli Hides Incriminating Scents Half-heartedly


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