Nosh: Best Tomato Sammich Ever.

I’m gonna keep this one short but sweet.  The following sandwich is trending all over the foodie world right now–I’ve seen variations of this in at least two magazines, and discussed in more than a few blogs.  But here’s the thing: sometimes, trends start trending for good reasons.  This sandwich is one of them.

What’s nice about it is it’s super…SUPER…simple, and it just involves things that taste great and are at their seasonal best.  Take some bread (of the nubbly variety, if you have it handy), some feta (or another type of semi-hard, kind of crumbly cheese, if you don’t like feta’s inherent saltiness), some oregano (or basil, or parsley), and salt, pepper, and a good dollop of extra-virgin olive oil.

Toast the bread.  Cut a few slabs of feta.  Slice tomatoes.  Assemble.  Top with oregano, salt and pepper, and drizzle with the olive oil.

Seriously, that’s it.

Don’t believe me?


Seriously, does anything say “lunch in the summer” quite as well as this does?

Fresh, beautiful, colorful, seasonal…

I repeat: does anything say “summer lunch” quite like this?  To quote the modern poet LL Cool J, “Hey, man, I don’t think so.”

Delicious, easy, seasonal.  If you can put bread in a toaster, you can make this sandwich, and I believe in the power of toast.  Enjoy, everyone!

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