H! Challenge: Headstock

Headstock.  Not to be confused with Woodstock… I like to take photos of the headstocks of guitars.  Or basses.  Stringed instruments, really, and it’s just a matter of time until I co-opt my friend’s little girl’s violin for a photo shoot.  What?  No, she’ll be fine.  I’ll just distract her from her pursuit of mastering the scales with the clever use of television and candy.

Because people, I give.  AND, then I get to feel all cool and be like, pish-tosh, these silly old geetars?  You mean the ones my groovy musician boyfriend plays?

True story:  I was on the phone with a friend of mine, catching up, and was telling her about my new boyfriend (this was, clearly, years ago).  She asked what he was like and I said, you know, nice, smart, plays guitar, has a band.  She was silent for about fifteen seconds and then said, “So you’re FINALLY dating a musician, huh?” and I’m like, “God, YES!  And the best part is, he’s a musician, but he’s totally stable!”  Anyway.  Ahh, memories.

So.  I started playing around with photographing instruments, but felt like I hooked into something when I took the following picture of my brother’s bass.

Where it all began.

Usually I end up having a photo shoot with one of George’s guitars.  They don’t demand pay, I don’t have to worry about their late night parties with the newly-single Johnny Depp.  Though he is a musician too, so maybe I’m being a little cavalier here.


Below are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of George’s electric and acoustic guitars.  This is how a photo shoot goes in my house.

Yes, that’s a record in the background.

The first thing George said was, “Wow, that’s really dusty.”  I said, “Don’t think of it as dust.  Think of it as the spirits of great notes come to rest on your guitar.”

Nah, I’m just messing with you.  What I thought but did not say was, “Damn skippy, son. Why don’t you see if Pat Sajak will sell you a dustcloth?”

I think this is one of the first guitars George ever had.

And then there was that fine winter’s day when the sun was slanting in through the blinds and caught his electric guitar just so…

The sunlight, glinting off the tuning pegs…ahhh, l’amour.

In all seriousness, I love how the design on the pick sort of mimics the slats on the blinds. Really. Not joking here.

So that’s my tale of the headstock.  Remember, local peeps, if you want a groovy sexy headstock picture…*ahem*…call me.

This post is for the H! Challenge by Frizztext

Because I love a good alphabet challenge.

3 responses to H! Challenge: Headstock

  1. marjorie

    Hey, nice pictures. We’ve got a couple of violas with those curly, carved headstocks over here which might for some sizzling photos. When you have enough, you could market a deck of cards to lonely musicians…….


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