My father went into the hospital this weekend.  Chances are he’s going to be OK, but he’s older and already in poor health.  It’s always distressing.

Here are some photos of crashing waves and  clown caged behind a fence to help express my emotions.

That is all.

8 responses to #Metaphor

  1. Deb Slade

    So sorry to hear that your dad has been admitted to the hospital. Hospitals are dangerous places – but sometimes necessary. Your photos are powerful indeed. I hope you get good news SOON. Will include you in my breathing for peace practice. Sorta like keeping you in my prayers. Love & peaceful energy is heading in your direction from many sources, I am sure! Fondly, Deb

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  2. Wonderful visual descriptions. Sometimes it all feels so very, very overwhelming. Breath in; breath out. We’ll get through this, too. -Nikki


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