Hurricane Sandy Comes To Town

Hey, all.

Here I am, in my cozy casa in central PA, watching lurid hurricane/flooding porn and wondering if my power’s going to go out, as Hurricane Sandy powers into town.

So far, so good.

We did some prepping already.  We’ve got a big pot of soup and some pasta, both capable of being eaten hot or cold.  A few days worth of bread, plus extra peanut butter and dried fruits.  Pots and buckets and pitchers of water.  Candles.  Flashlights.  Plenty (and I mean plenty) of matches.  And a box o’ wine.  🙂

Wine snobs: get over it.

The truth is, it was hard at first to tell how bad this was going to be.  The weather people are pretty good at doing what they can to whip viewers into a frenzy.  OMG!  Son of Stormageddon!  My boyfriend and I were saying that despite the amount of information zipping around out there, it’s really hard to tell what’s legitimate and real and what’s not.  Which is kind of ridiculous, because that means so much of our lives are taken up by so much white noise.  Analogy for life, people.  Back in my reality I must admit, I have never been quite as grateful for my new windows as I am today, because the wind is tearing it up outside and yet I am not subjected to unwanted drafts.  They’re not rattling like crazy or making me scared that they’ll blow in.  The old ones would have.  It’s almost a little deceptive, since it’s really getting ugly out there.  It’s hard to show motion in pictures, and it’s hard to show rain (unless it’s conveniently backlit, a la Singin’ in the Rain)…

(FYI, apparently it’s completely untrue that they colored the raindrops with milk to get them to show up better on film.  Another movie myth shattered.)

But dammit, I’m going to try. Here are some pictures I’ve taken from the relative safety of my front door.

Branches are blowing like crazy, and I love that you can actually see the rain in this shot.

More more more.  The rain just keeps coming.

Normally the branches on the neighbor’s tree aren’t quite so…horizontal.

Our neighbor’s savannah grass, getting flattened in the wind.

The leaves on the maple tree just won’t lay still.



Sammy the Cat inspects conditions for an outdoor frolic and finds them entirely unsatisfactory.

Safe and dry, everyone!  Here’s a little REO Speedwagon to get you through the night.

17 responses to Hurricane Sandy Comes To Town

  1. Aw, Sammy the Cat! Stay warm!!! Dang, those pictures make me feel grateful to be in rainy, gloomy Vancouver!!! Hope it blows over soon!!!!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Sammy the Cat was loudly protesting his cruel incarceration (since we’re certainly NOT letting him out!) until about five minutes ago. Now he’s asleep on the floor. 🙂 All is well for the moment. Thanks.


  2. Glad to hear that you are doing okay and you and Sammy the Cat are warm and snug. It seems like it will never stop blowing, but it will, just not fast enough though. Drink a wine for me…can’t have it, but you can. Oh, stay home if you are drinking by the way…don’t want to drink and fly away with the storm. (he he). Good Luck! Sending HUGS your way! 🙂


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      The wind was crazy! I’m glad that’s come to an end. Sammy the Cat came through the storm safe & sound, and I managed not to fly away… 🙂 Thanks! Hugs back.


  3. Connie

    Tom says, “ah good boy Sammie” Enjoyed the photo’s. We didn’t get much rain, just wind. We are doing just fine here in North Jersey. Our end of town is pretty good, yet large trees down and power lines on the other end of town.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      🙂 So glad to hear you’re doing OK. I’m sure Larry lost power last night–my mom in Manchester did, as did my family and friends in Bayville. Sammy, however, stayed snug and dry. Sounds like his cousin Jinx is just fine, too. LOL


  4. LOVE that 5th shot of the maple!
    Here in Toronto we did get lots of wind and rain, busted tree branches and power outages, but not at my place. If you’re not Canadian, you may not be privy to this… but we Torontonians are viewed by most of Canada as a bunch of self-important whiners who get overly dramatic about weather (a few inches of snow and we want the day off work!). I always try NOT to live up to that view… and it really wasn’t very bad in Toronto (unless you were the poor woman who was killed by a sign that blew away).


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      The funny thing about that picture is, my computer was acting up yesterday and that picture got deleted from the original post somehow…I almost left it out because I was frustrated, but I liked it too much so I went back in and edited. 🙂 Glad you agree! I didn’t know that about you Torontonians. One of my friends here is originally from Toronto, I’ll have to pick on him about that, LOL. Glad you didn’t have a massive storm to contend with; we really feel lucky that it wasn’t worse here. My family in New Jersey is entirely without power. At least they’re not flooded.


      • I hope your family gets their power back soon – that is no fun.
        The other thing you can pick on your friend from Toronto about is that we deflect those criticisms by believing that they originate from jealousy… because you know… not everyone can live at the centre of the universe, right? 🙂


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