Travel Theme: Mountains

Ailsa’s travel theme this week at Where’s My Backpack? is: mountains!  I’m honestly a little surprised I have any pictures of mountains.  I’m not a climber and a lot of my travels have been surprisingly flat.  The few memorable trips I took driving out across the American West, I had a film camera and haven’t scanned most of my pictures from those trips yet, though there will be a few.  Perhaps not so surprisingly, the mountains endure.

Ireland isn’t noted for its snow-capped massive peaks, but it does have Croagh Patrick, or St. Patrick’s mountain.  Legend says this is the place where Patrick endured a 40-day Lenten fast, banished the snakes from Ireland, and fought a demon and won, thereby saving the Irish from their heathen ways forever.

Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick, as seen from the parking lot of the Bertra House B&B.

Every year on the last Sunday in July, the penitent walk to the top of Croagh Patrick, to attend mass and go to confession at the chapel at the summit, which you can just make out in the photo.  The truly hardcore go barefoot.  To which I say, damn.

And then we’re off to sunny Tuscany, though on this day it was slightly cloudy Tuscany.  As I was on my Italy starter tour I hit the big three–Rome/Florence/Venice–and didn’t venture very far afield.  Next time I go, I’ll be up in those crazy little mountain towns.  For now, I just have to look at the mountains looming on the other side of Florence and wonder what it’s like.

Florence and the Tuscan mountains, from the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Florence and the Tuscan mountains, from the Piazzale Michelangelo.

There’s something really snug about being located in a river valley surrounded by mountains.  I understand the strategic benefits.

And here are some of the few pictures I have already scanned from my post-college, all-girl, westward-bound roadtrip; there will be more photos coming once I finish my blog about getting out there (really, I swear, I’ll finish it).

Up in the Grand Tetons.

Up in the Grand Tetons.

This was taken at a lookout near one of the summits, overlooking the Tetons and the Rockies.

Intrepid explorer Leslie checks out the scenery.

Intrepid explorer Leslie checks out the scenery.

I dig the snow on the ground.  In June.

And here are some mountains in Nevada, at sunrise.  If you’re ever going to drive across Route 80 in Nevada, sunrise is the right time to do it.

Nevada's stark landscape is softened by sunrise.

Nevada’s stark landscape is softened by sunrise.

Have you got any pictures of mountains to share?  Join the fun!  See you at Ailsa’s.

10 responses to Travel Theme: Mountains

    • beyondpaisley – Author

      It’s hard for me to pick a favorite just because each picture bears happy emotional memories. Though the picture of Florence is the most interesting to my boyfriend and I because, having looked at the picture plenty of times, when you talk about the mountains it forces you to see the picture in a new and different way.


  1. jp

    I climbed the highest mountain in England & Wales (Mt Snowden) but it was 1989 so all my pics are film and in a box. The only time I ever climbed into cloud cover! Good mental pics, though.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      It was beautiful. Then again, I could throw a dart at Ireland and with reasonable confidence say that wherever it landed, the phrase “It was beautiful” is entirely applicable. Bertra House B&B was really nice, too! 🙂 Thanks for having a look!


  2. Not that you are anywhere close to this point in your life. But. There’s always a butt with me, isn’t there? But, the travel adventures (captured in her photo albums) brought incredible joy and clarity to my mother as she was becoming transparent, fading away. It was a connection that brought her back to me whenever I pulled out one of the books and asked her to tell me about her trip.
    I do the same occasionally with trips I know I’ll never be able to duplicate – Grand Canyon hiking with the kids before they flew the coop. Paris with my daughter. Bahamas with my Neptune. I’m glad you have the memories and chose to share your beautiful photos. Made me happy. -Nikki


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