Re-Branding “The Biggest Loser”

Recently, I went to the gym and saw that two of my favorite classes were being held back to back.  I didn’t have anything pressing on my agenda and decided, why not?  I had a massive two-hour, almost non-stop (didn’t even have to move to a different room), ass-kicking, Body Pump -> Zumba workout.

Holy pockets.  I was drained.

When I got home I realized…hey…those people on The Biggest Loser, they do these massive two hour workouts.  Three times a day.  Six days a week.  And they’re doing it on ground turkey breast and salad.  While I do love that show, I confess I also had a few realizations:

1) No wonder they get so cranky and start sniping at each other.  That’s got to be unbelievably draining.  I know how I felt after just one, two-hour workout.  Exhaustion!  and…

2) Pretty sure that’s a house full of hungry people.

So in honor of this, I think we should re-brand The Biggest Loser, and call that show what it really is.  So here is the dramatic unveiling of the new logo (drumroll, please)…


Oh,you know it's true.

Oh,you know it’s true.

Hey, folks.  I just calls ’em as I sees ’em.

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