Meanwhile, at the Restaurant: Easter Edition

About a thousand years ago, I worked in a very small coffee shop in a very small town.  Every week, at least once a week, a quartet of ladies would come in after spending the morning together at the gym.  All but one had those stylie (she said facetiously) nylon track suits and all would be suspiciously un-gnarly after what they claimed was a “killer” workout.

When I’m done with a killer workout?  I’m not pretty enough to go anywhere, particularly not in the gym clothes I’ve just released five gallons of sweat into.  Funktastic?  Nope.  Just funk.

Anyway.  These ladies would come in and absolutely swoon over the dessert case, and then *tee hee* behind their hands about whether or not they should get cake (and they always did) and how “bad” that made them.  For these ladies, I always felt like they did think it was a breach of moral conscience to have some goddamned cake if they wanted it.  But who was I to judge?

Oh, right.  I was the surly employee.  That’s what we do.  Plus, I could go on about how deciding to have a piece of cake or not does not in any way indicate an assault on your own morality or standing as a member of the community, but that’s a different rant for a different day.

I don’t think the following incident took place on Good Friday but I know it happened during Easter week.  And quite frankly, it taught me the meaning of self-sacrifice and self-reflection in ways I’d never contemplated before.  Just bear in mind…I’m not saying they’re good ways.

Meanwhile, at the Restaurant: Easter Edition

I feel the presence of the divine already.

I feel the presence of the divine already.

I just report what I see, people.

Peace out, y’all!

14 responses to Meanwhile, at the Restaurant: Easter Edition

    • beyondpaisley – Author

      You ain’t kidding. I don’t necessarily care who practices what religion or not but when you do claim to be religious…don’t be a smug doofus about it


      • It’s a perfect example of people not realizing the “servants” (servers, in this case) have ears and actually hear the random stuff they say.


  1. cndaussin

    HAHAH oh my god this reminds me of wellesley housewifes. kill me now. i worked at JP licks this summer (they recently got one in the ville) and it was so annoying.
    also i went to hodge’s office hours and he spoke of you fondly and has a mug that you gave him that he uses everyday!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Haha! I remember being in Starbie’s & I saw a W housewife who I would bet money never cleared off a table before. As in, she didn’t know how to use a cloth to wipe it, she just looked around for help and kind of swooshed it around the tabletop and then did the finger-pinch to dispose of the hateful cleaning towel at the counter. Didn’t know they opened a Licks in the ville, probably good for me that they didn’t have one while I was there. 🙂

      Awww, how nice. There was a pen, too. He’d just released his first book; it was a translation of a Russian treatise on fishing (like, stream fishing, a Russian “Compleat Angler” of sorts) so a friend and I gave him this mug and a pen that was shaped like a fish and was jointed. As pens go it probably sucked and I’m sure it didn’t write well (see: jointed) but I’m touched to know he appreciated the gesture.


  2. hazeldazel

    /headdesk… why do people have teh stoopids? Jesus would have ate the cake AND whipped up some wine/mochalottacheena, he was totally a partier donchyaknow.

    HODGE! I loved his line about Keanu and The Matrix. LOL! All my best times at Wellesley were outside the classroom (well except the line about T. rex foreplay, anthropologists are just wacky like that).


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      It was a pretty weird moment. I was like…ehrrrrmmm…hi, I’m Earth. Have we met?

      I vaguely remember a Hodge/Keanu line, but clearly not as well as you do. Please refresh my addled brain? 😉


  3. Hazeldazel

    We were all at a party and he was raving about Thr Matrix and I was all like “no I don’t wanna see it, it’s got Keanu in it blather blather etc”

    Hodge replied, “no see his natural state of befuddlement totally works for the movie. Trust me, it’s good”.

    I remember us being woah…. And of course he was right. And his choice of words still cracks me up.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Ahhhh…riiiight! I remember that now, but I never would have been able to put that story together on my own. LOL He’s still right.


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


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