Travel Theme: Ripple

This week at Where’s My Backpack?, Ailsa’s travel theme is “ripples”.

Photo from


Photo from

No, not THAT kind of Ripple!

You know.  Ripples.

Like the things that surround my beloved hooded merganser, paddling around the not-entirely-frozen Charles River in Waltham, MA.

Seriously, I totally dig these birds.

Seriously, I totally dig these birds.

Or the late-afternoon sunlight, rippling through the trees on a winter’s day in central Pennsylvania.

Somewhere out in the woods near Mazeppa...

Somewhere out in the woods near Mazeppa…

We have ripples where they don’t belong after the flooding that resulted from Tropical Storm Lee in 2011.  Suffice to say this park–known as “Kidsburg“, how adorb is that?–was off limits to the kiddos in the area for a while though happily, all is back to normal now.

Welcome to Kidsburg. Keep off the grass.

Welcome to Kidsburg. Now go home.

Here’s some sunlight doing its ripple thing again, only this time, it’s through an enormous piece of amber.

How's this for some major bling?

How’s this for some major bling?

And finally, here’s to some of the biggest ripples around.  Waves, as they’re popularly called, are really giant ripples with the entire weight of the vast ocean behind them.

Because we go big in NJ.

Because we go big in NJ.

I took this picture in September, 2012, and it was a part of the fabric of my childhood.  I grew up in New Jersey, and my family has vacationed at the shore since I was a kid.  I never would have imagined that just over a month after this picture was taken this pier–the log flume, the haunted castle, and a bajillion other rides and amusements, and major parts of Coney Island and Staten Island and Long Island and Queens (and on, and on)–would be gone thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Though all things should be kept in perspective.  A ripple is all in the eye of the beholder; to a boat in the middle of the ocean, a tsunami is just another mild swell.

So we rebuild (because that is what we do), and the damage caused by Sandy will, eventually, become a ripple in the passage of history.  Amen to that.

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