Travel Theme: Simplicity

This week at Where’s My Backpack? Ailsa asks us to celebrate simplicity.  Which, ironically, can be difficult, since we often try to cram as much as possible into a photograph to make it more “interesting”.  Though sometimes, just a “thing”, being or doing its thing, is enough.

Like these new pine cones that emerged with spring.

Spring was (literally) in the air.

Spring was (literally) in the air.

One fine morning I noticed the sunlight coming through the blinds was having its way with my boyfriend’s guitar pick.

Leave me alone in a room with a sunbeam and a guitar pick, and who knows what could happen.

Leave me alone in a room with a sunbeam and a guitar pick, and who knows what could happen.

When you’re out wandering in a nearby field, one ought to pay attention to the picturesque nature of the local fence-postery.

Just another day in Lewisburg.

Just another day in central PA.

Even the simplest way to dry laundry has beauty and charm.  It helps when that laundry is drying outside a building in Florence, but…


I often imagine what this family would say if they saw me take this picture. “Mom…there’s a lady photographing our underwear…”.

And finally, we have the groovy serenity of a backyard, sunset, and fog rolling in off the nearby creek.  Why did this one tree stand out?  No idea.  I’m just glad it did.


Seriously, I love my back yard.

That’s it for today.  Once again, a million thanks to Ailsa for the photo challenge!

14 responses to Travel Theme: Simplicity


    Your photos are not simple they are beautifully complex. I love your backyard tooooooo


  2. Good eye with the guitar pick! I also have a fondness for fence posts (when I’m not the one taking them out or putting them into the ground), and I love the Italian laundry. Nice group of shots!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Thanks! George walked in the room and was like…what? Are you doing? As I had the guitar totally repositioned for a full-on photo shoot… LOL Come to think of it, he said the same thing when I took the picture of laundry. LOL Guess this is proof that I’m the visual one. 🙂


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