Son of Epic Mega-Spamku

More spam that had its own peculiar cadence.  Illustrated, for your viewing pleasure.  And to add to the experience, check out the exotic stylings of Yma Sumac while reading Son of Epic Mega-Spamku.  Namaste, bitches!

Your myofasc’al

therapist is not foreplay.

Children with Autism


It has been practised

for over cinque jillion

working years. often

Dino Massage1

times in the Old Test-

-ament. India is seen

as carrying out,

indian takeout

you’ll believably

find someone who has worries

and tension caused due


to its left. This is

why those with a public health

programs. The combined

no grammar

exponent of this

certification, and meets

every Tuesday or


Wednesday for an hour.

Ketu deals with problems that

may be an update.



Physiotherapy, or

astral pathways, known


as yang hammock Spring.

Tantra roughly enhancing

your gruelling bosom


and them. Mandukya

Upanishad says: The more

than elbow grease than


friction your temples

to the Human face. I am

recommending it


as organism

myofasc’l regimen

Brit tantric massage


Photo credits:


Dinosaur massage:

Indian take-out:


Grammar: beyondpaisley

Calendar of Tuesdays: beyondpaisley


Astral pathways:

Yang-yang in his hammock:

The concept of Brahman:

Angkor Wat:

Tantric massage NSFW: beyondpaisley

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