Happy Birthday, George!

Through this crazy year, I’ve been exceedingly grateful that I’ve had one constant, one rock, one sanity preserver, without whom I quite possibly would have started tearing chunks out of the wall with my teeth and eating them.

Thanks, George, for being an incredible friend and partner.  Happy birthday.  I love you.


OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!

Uhhhhh….uh oh.

Love you, honey!  Have a great day!

16 responses to Happy Birthday, George!

  1. marjorie

    I’ve heard the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, but not this one about George and the Lion. Brave indeed!


  2. So … he keeps you sane by reassuring you that there’s someone wackier than you are? Either way, please don’t eat walls – lead paint and asbestos, you know.

    Happy (late) birthday, George!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Regarding the “wackier” tactic: hey, man. Whatever works. Important safety tip about the wall contents, will take under advisement. 🙂 (and I’ll show this to George when he gets up)


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