Donatella Versace, please stop the madness

I’ve always sort of looked at the pictures of Donatella Versace slightly at an angle.  I couldn’t look straight at them, because I always found her distorted, surgically altered features were an assault upon mine eyes.  You know what I mean?  Then I found this picture.  Behold!  Young Donatella Versace.

Found at

Holy. Shit. She’s gorgeous.
Found at

This is the face she could have carried forward as she aged.  This was what she would have had to work with so that she could age gracefully.  If she still had this face she would be a beautiful older woman.

Instead, howevermany surgeries/injections/nips/tucks/peels later, this is the face she has (ironically) paid a lot of money for.  Presenting, haute couture’s reigning…


OK, seriously, she looks like a half-orc.

Half-orc. Photo taken from

Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys.
Photo taken from
Quote taken from the orc Ugluk, in “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”

Ladies, please.  Please please please.  Stop the madness.  “But there’s so much pressure to look good!”, they say.  People.  Guess what?

YOU WON’T LOOK GOOD.  This doesn’t look good.  Do you want to look good?  Love yourself enough to take care of yourself and figure out what makes you happy and do it and for Chrissakes quit smoking (especially if you’re concerned about your skin!) and hydrate/moisturize/be careful in the sun.

Someone said to me a long time ago, “You earn the face you wear when you’re older.”  That idea stayed with me.  Donatella Versace (and so, so many other adherents to the elective-surgery-go-round) have earned these…bizarre…misshapen…stretched faces, from thinking they could beat the process.  How can you justify surgery that’s supposed to make you “look better” when life as an orc is the result?

10 responses to Donatella Versace, please stop the madness

    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I had no idea, honestly, that she was ever so pretty. I understand surgery if you’ve had an accident–Rose McGowan gets a bit of a break from me–but just because you want to…what, pretend you’re 25? Guess what? The 25 year old will still win, in the “looks 25” department. Anyway. It just wounds my soul to see women do this to themselves.


  1. marjorie

    What a shame she can’t actually turn back the clock..because that surgical turning back the clock act does not work. I’m with you all the way on this one.


  2. beck16

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always wondered what happened to this woman who is supposed to be a fashion icon. I had no idea she was so pretty. It’s sad really when you think you’re doing yourself good and this is the end result.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I don’t know if it’s that she really thought she was doing herself good, or if she thought she could take a shortcut and get a doctor to do some snipping/fix it with pills, that sort of thing. Doing yourself good, legitimately, tends to take a lot of effort, more effort than just paying someone else to fix your “problem”. Sometimes when I talk about this (especially around the people I know who have had plastic surgery, and one girl I used to work with has spent tens of thousands of dollars…she’s now affected the nerves on her lower lip so severely that she can’t close her mouth entirely) I feel like the kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes. I’m like, “You know that repeat surgeries tend to make you look terrible, right?” and people have said, “No, I do this so I can look good!”

      And therein lies the rub.


  3. We often get to see and ridicule women (mostly) who’ve done this to themselves, but what of the surgeons who continue to do procedure after procedure on people who obviously won’t be helped by it? When do we get to see their names and faces so we can ridicule and/or boycott them?

    OK, rant over. She really was gorgeous. So sad.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      It’s a problem, too, especially considering that the cosmetic surgery industry is increasingly trying to get younger and younger people to buy into the elective-surgery-go-round. Hook ’em earlier and get them wanting more surgeries. I used to work with someone who was adorable, but she wanted to be Pamela Anderson and in the process has ruined her face. It’s a pity that no one had the decency to try and slow her down. Rant on, sister!


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