My Workout Tonight

I did a core workout tonight.  Mind you, I’ve done core workouts before.  Plenty.  But this was all new material.  New songs, new moves.

New ways to punish me for the sins of my (apparently dreadful, terrible, awful) past lives.

First it felt like this…

…and then it was like…

…and my instructor started going…

…and then my will to live surfaced and I got all…

...even though, deep in my heart, I know I actually was more like…


Photo from

And all in the space of 30 minutes.


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14 responses to My Workout Tonight


    So FUNNY! I still do Beach Body after 5 years and Chalene Johnson STILL kicks my butt after all this time (just add weights)


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Chalene is tough! 🙂 I used to do Beach Body all the time but I started working from home so now I go to the gym so I have a reason to talk to other people and regularly shower. I still do her stuff on days when I’m deep in my hermitude.



        Yes I am always deep in hermitude but me and Chalene,

        we are tight 🙂

        I can never figure out why she doesn’t answer me when I yell at the screen?

        Thoughts? :☽


      • beyondpaisley – Author

        Probably the same reason Jillian Michaels doesn’t answer me, either, when I call her vile, vile names from the discomfort of my sweaty spare bedroom/workout room. LOL


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