A Word a Week Challenge: Mistake

Over at A Word in Your Ear, Skinnywench opened her magical dictionary of word indexification and came up with the Word a Day theme this week.

Mistake!  Bzzzzt, thanks for playing, please try again.  Oh!  Wait!  You mean, things that you have in a photograph that are considered a mistake, for one reason or another?

*cough cough cough*  My bad.  Though that would be a rum joke there, ey wot?

Anyway.  Before I carry myself away on bad jokes (wouldn’t be the first time), Imma get down to it.  These things, in my photographs, in one way or another, represent in one way or another all sorts of mistakery..

First, I hope this serves as a gentle reminder that while a human editor should indeed give the final approval on all written material…please, people, turn on your spellcheck and let that be your first line of defense against casual mistakes.



I challenge you to spell this sign correctly.

So one time, not all that long ago, I was in a store.  And that store had products; it was just jammed with things.  And some of those things?  Were these shoes, which are an example of how a mistake can multiply.  They were a failure from concept through execution, and the fact that they were given the green light along the way only tells me that once a mistaken OK is given, then the whole world can easily fall in on itself in a blundering series of misguided crystal pleats.  And I had them on my feet.  The things I do for this blog.

It's one large series of purple mistakes.

It’s one large series of purple mistakes.

Seriously, people.  Just say no.

One night, cooking, I cut my finger.  By definition that was a mistake but the bigger one, which I did not make, was that I did not try and continue prepping my food with only one band-aid between me and *yuck oh ewww blech*.  Especially when George had to eat what I was cooking, too.  Because ewww.

Middle finger, you can see the owie.

Middle finger, you can see the owie.

Yes, I keep rubber gloves in my house at all times.  I’m accident prone and dinner guests, you’re welcome.

When we were in Baltimore this past summer for ArtScape, I noticed in their street-camo-helicopter installment, one helicopter…ummm…would have had limited success flying, unless it was manned by the most skilled of pilots.  And remember, display artists: considering that there were several helicopters strung throughout this display, all right side up…several upended helicopters is an artistic statement.  One lone upended helicopter on display?  Is a derp.

Black Hawk Upsy-Daisy just doesn't have the same zazz, you know?


Black Hawk Upsy-Daisy just doesn’t have the same zazz, you know?

And finally…


I never should have trusted that Chris wouldn’t have a camera as he joked me into making this face.  My mistake.  I swear, I don’t know how my face ended up looking like this.  Even my nose looks flatter.

Who brings the shmexy?

Who brings the shmexy?

Yes, I blurred out my friends’ faces to protect their identities.  If I were my parents I’d consider disowning me.  But you know, when I make a mistake, I don’t hold back.  Go big or go home, you know?

Enjoy the rest of the “mistake” photos!

9 responses to A Word a Week Challenge: Mistake

  1. Those shoes are hideous! I took a photo of awful shoes once. Really tacky. My sister went “ooooooh I love those” *sigh* indeed.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Eek! I had a moment of thinking, well, what if someone loves these? But you know…my blog. LOL I’m so glad you agree! My poor boyfriend was like, you’re not actually going to put them on your body, are you? He was mortified. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


  2. vastlycurious.com

    Your post here gave me such a mental lift! So funny! First of all I happen to like those wacky shoes but not with black stockings. I do not know where I would wear them but they are fun ! The helicopter is hilarious and sorry about your hand , I keep rubber gloves too as I am somewhat dangerous with a knife. As for your picture….we’ve all got em….congrats on the courage to post
    it : ) I drape all of my mirrors any more !


  3. My mother was a school cafeteria cook. She introduced me to a little item we’ll call “finger condoms.” Mostly because that’s what we call them. They look just like condoms, and you put them on the tips of your fingers when you do something genius like cut them while prepping food. Finger condom: so the rest of your hand will be latex-free.

    Also, those shoes look OK in the first picture, but on the foot? No. Not even a little. I have a pair of shoes (platform clogs with psychedelic designs on them) that are Ah-mazing. Now, when my daughter comes to visit, I hide them in my office, because she keeps threatening to throw them away. Some people don’t know fashion at all.


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I’m well aware of the finger condoms, but I don’t shop in restaurant supply stores so I don’t have any. I’d actually prefer to use them, if I had them. Less waste.

      My six word biography: Kept the shoes, tossed the man. (Going back to a more tumultuous time of my life, of course.) Good shoes are a must.


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