Scenes from the Rail Trail: Sept. 25 2013

We try to keep things groovy here in our lovely little ‘burg.  We have a great single-screen, lovingly restored, art deco movie house and the local filmmakers who have used said movie house (pre-restoration) as a set in their film.  We have top-notch jazz.  We have a highly competitive liberal arts university which brings us all manner of academics, either as professors or guest speakers.  This often makes for surprisingly interesting conversations when you’re out on the town.  And we have the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail.

Thanks to a joint effort between the Lewisburg Area Recreation Authority (LARA), Union County, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Federal Highway Department, a long-unused railway line was acquired, the rails were repurposed and the ground was paved and/or laid out with packed gravel.  The rail trail parallels Route 45, which is our major east-west corridor, and is a 9.2 mile, mostly flat-ish path through farmland and rolling hills.

It’s purty.

And, the business I’ve started doing a part time writing gig at is just off the trail.

That’s right.  I’ve become the granola girl who bicycle-commutes to work.

I’m sure that soon I’ll start talking more about riding, and about how I’ve been giving an exorbitant amount of thought lately to the change I’ve experienced in my relationship to fitness (has it EVER, and sometimes I feel like I hardly know myself any more), but in this particular blog today?

I just want to talk about how the rail trail is super-purty.

Here’s some shots from my commute.  Here’s what I got to look at yesterday, going to and from my job.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And yes, biking through all that bucolic splendor has aggravated fall allergies I never even knew I had.  But.  This is why Claritin was given unto the world.  I ride again tomorrow, and I’m totally psyched!

I dig my life.

15 responses to Scenes from the Rail Trail: Sept. 25 2013


    My commute involves cars, exhaust and frustration. No country at all. Lovely post. Taking a vacation, be back soon !


  2. What a gorgeous area! Reminds me of where I live. I’ll be the autumn is amazing there! When you get a chance, you can take a few pics of the foliage when they’re turning. I’m lugging my camera everywhere now that fall is here! Looking forward to more!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Jack, it is lovely here. When I first moved here I thought it would be a glorified pit stop, a staging ground for me after leaving San Antonio, so I could strategize my ultimate move to Boston. I thought I’d be here six months. That was nine years ago. Mind you, if I hadn’t met George (and made a bunch of great friends, too) I doubt the scenery would have been enough to keep me. But it sure doesn’t hurt. As I’m new to biking I’m still figuring out how to lug everything I want (I already carry a bunch of stuff in a backpack, and I need a rear basket) and I generally want to get to work so I’m not always stopping for photos, but believe me, I will be out there with my good camera soon. I carry my cell phone in my shirt for impromptu photo ops, like the ones here. 🙂


  3. Josie

    so great, I remember talk about this rail trail when I lived there and am glad its become a reality. I must say I loved my commute along Rt 45, even in a car. I have fond, fond memories of yelling “Good MOOOrning Ladies” with my kiddos as we waved and passed the cows along the way. Thanks for the lovely glimpse of a place I called “home”.


  4. jp

    Great pics from one of my favorite features of the ‘burg! Glad you are loving your new commute.
    Yay for bicycles!


  5. marjorie

    Very cool! I’ve only walked a small portion of the trail but I’ve been thinking about getting a bicycle myself–thanks for the inspiration!


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