The Walking Dead: Told You So

SPOILER! If you haven’t seen Season 4, Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, then look away RIGHT NOW.

Regarding this past week’s The Walking Dead (which I just watched because I was away for a long weekend) and my blog post from the week before …

I think Carol burned the superflu people.  Because she’s all about taking care of business, and she looks so nice and trustworthy so she could fairly easily get people to let their guards down, give ‘em a quick ha-cha! with a knife and drag them out back to dispose of their flu-riddled bodies.  Because you have to protect the group at the expense of the few, after all.


Now I just need to figure out whose voice Daryl, Michonne & Co. heard on the radio in the car.  The Governor’s?  Seems too easy.  Morgan?  I heard he was coming back for a few episodes.  And I can’t wait to find out just how deep into the crazy pool Tyreese has waded.  I think it’s pretty deep.  Like, factionalize from Rick/go find the Governor sort of revenge-crazy.

We shall see.

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