George Rocks Bon Appetit with SpaghettiO’s Cupcakes

The following story is a testament to tradition.

A few weeks ago, I found an article on Bon Appetit’s website–in a section called “kookery“–about an experiment in processed food repurposing.  FoodBeast, building on the tradition of using tomatoey products in baked goods (think chocolate cake made with canned tomato soup), concocted the title cupcakes, the concept of which diddles the brain and gives the finger to sensible eating.

Before I go one step further, I want you all to think about this: SpaghettiO’s cupcakes. With Velveeta frosting.  AND!  Goldfish sprinkles.  There’s genius behind the madness.


They’re so…orange.
Photo from

Of course, I had to show George, who was so taken by the idea of…you know…using SpaghettiO’s to make cupcakes that, in keeping with his own tradition of celebrating repulsive food (think “Delicious Meat-Shell Pie“), he immediately went about setting it to music.

It’s hilarious.

Almost religious.

Totally freaktastic.

Once the song was complete and derangedly perfect, George took it to the next level and posted a link from his SoundClick account to the comments section in the “Kookery” post on Bon Appetit and called it a day.

That’s when things got interesting.

Two days ago, George posted his link.  Yesterday, we were contacted by a writer at Bon Appetit, who wanted to write a brief profile on George.  They were charmed by his song, he said.  So he got a nice little 200-word writeup and bragging rights for being awesome.  I won’t repost everything here–you’ll have to go to Bon Appetit to read the entire article, but check out these juicy nuggets:

“…singer, songwriter, and knight-errant George Potor…”

“The chorus…has the effect of a mystical chant.”

“…the world needs more troubadours singing about ridiculous food.”

Here’s the link to the Bon Appetit article.

And here’s the SoundCloud links George created so Bon Appetit could embed his music.  Choose from:

SpaghettiOs Cupcakes

Delicious Meat-Shell Pie

Even in a suit, he rocks it.

Even in a suit, he rocks it.

Thanks for making it continuously interesting, honey.  Love you!

14 responses to George Rocks Bon Appetit with SpaghettiO’s Cupcakes

  1. could I love either of you more? it seems I could! without you, without him, without the two of you being ridiculously inspirational to one another and with one another, the world would be a far less lovely place. keep mining the horror for the lovely!


  2. jp

    Speaking of “mining the horror”–Terri, you’ve got to get over to the new Peebles and–gah–look at the clothes!

    And Hail George, Knight of the Cheerful Countenance!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Trust me, neither of us could bear the thought of actually making the cupcakes. *shudder* Glad you enjoyed the song! I laughed so hard I cried, while he was writing it.


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