I was in the flea-markety basement of Street of Shops, the closest thing I’ve seen to a bazaar for freaks, weeding through old dishes and dated cookbooks and discarded dolls and rusted cookie tins. Lest you wonder why I was there, you can find treasures at the Street of Shops. I’ve found the dishes I use every day. I’ve found some great furniture.  And today, I found…this.



That’s right. It’s an orange lucite deer, chained around the throat to its own fawns.  And the whole deer family looks a little deranged.

A boy's best friend is his mother, Norman.

A boy’s best friend is his mother, Norman.

Not that it’s not understandable. Because as much as I love my mother, I don’t think I’d thrive if I was chained to her.


And apples.

I have them set up so that they’ll blaze bright every morning in the rising sun, because who doesn’t want to feast their eyes on that every day while making one’s coffee?

Seriously. What.

Seriously. What.

Even my adorable woodland deer salt and pepper shakers look on in bewilderment. George pointed out to me that I paid good money for them and I maintain that they would be a bargain at twice the price. Because you don’t just come across beauties like this every day.

I can’t believe someone got rid of them in the first place.


12 responses to SCORE!

  1. hahaha … AWESOME!!! I love their freakish glow when sitting in the sunlight … I’ll give you ten bucks for the lot!!! Seriously, BP … that’s a real find!!!
    And as much as I deeply, deeply love my Mom with all my heart and soul, if I were chained to her for all eternity I would use that chain to choke myself to death!!!
    Lewisburg, Pa, eh? I’m a PA boy, born ‘n raised in Philly (or Philapa if you’re type who blends city and state) … yo, philly!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      What up, Philly! I grew up in NJ; moved to Lewisburg on my way back to the east coast after a few years in Texas. I thought I’d be here six months and make my way up to Boston or thereabouts. That was 10 years ago, LOL. Not where I expected to land, but it was also kind of a relief to turn in my card as a member of the Drifter’s Club. As for the deer…TEN BUCKS??? That’s an outrage! Hahahaha! These little beauties are gen-u-wine works of craptastic glory. I’m going to have to figure out who to leave them to in my will.

      A thought: Maybe the large deer is like Michonne in The Walking Dead, and the two she’s chained to are her mutilated zombie shield deer.


  2. Can’t figure why the chains, Terri, but, I agree – even tho I love you to distraction – if we were chained together like that, we’d BOTH be slightly deranged. But, they are definitely keepers!


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