So…this happened.

While wasting time on Facebook (which I do way, waaaay too much, and I really need to reign that in, but I digress), I reposted a picture from George Takei‘s FB feed. Kind of funny, kind of saucy, totally double-entendre *tee hee*-ish.  And then my mom commented on said picture. See below.

*tee hee*

*tee hee*

So ha ha and it’s kind of cute and funny, because it looks like my mom doesn’t get the minxy kind of sexyjoking.  Right?  Right?  Oh, naive mother of mine.  Of course, she has had five kids, but who wants to let reality and logic get in the way of personal narrative?

Then I got this text from my mother.

mom rodwork text




*cough cough*

Thanks, Mom. Is that my own comedy petard you’ve just hoist me in?

I’m going to be laughing about this for weeks.

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