Oh Noes! Aliens!

I was at my niece’s wedding last night (which was beautiful and a lot of fun and a good time was had by all, and so on, and so on), when I glanced up and thought…hey…the reflections from the overhead recessed lights in the windows kind of look like they’re a fleet of advancing UFOs.

Yes, because that’s the first thing I think of.

So I pull out my camera, snap a shot and have a giggle. The lighting in the room lent itself to the whole “kitschy alien invasion” thing because overall the room was dimmed for dancing, and the walls were splash-lit with crazy pink lights. Perfect, right? Ed Wood would have knocked himself out to film in a room like this. If he could have afforded color film. Anyway.

Then I looked at my brother, who is…oh, what’s that word?  Oh, right! A ham…and said, “Hey, Chris. Aliens are coming. Point!”



In all seriousness, I love this picture like it’s frickin’ oxygen.

Maturity is overrated.

2 responses to Oh Noes! Aliens!

  1. jp

    Great pic! Chris has an Invasion-of-the-Body-Snatchers kinda vibe going, which you capture perfectly.


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