Someone Call Terry Gilliam, STAT!

This happened on my Facebook page the other day. To preface: I had just read that Oliver Stone is planning to direct a movie about Edward Snowden. Even better, as part of the source material for his script, Stone has optioned a fictionalized novel about Snowden, written by Snowden’s lawyer in Russia. Because that makes sense. It would certainly help guarantee that, true to form as an Oliver Stone vehicle, this upcoming film will be blissfully unencumbered by things like reason, or facts.

I’ll grant him Platoon. He had one good movie, but Oliver Stone is generally…paranoid and ham-fisted, neither of which are traits I enjoy seeing on their own. Together?  Hoooo-weeeee! And I digress.

So I posted this on my Facebook page and then…well…read on.


A convergence of Garys. Plus, a bonus no-share smackdown by my mother. Go, Mom-O-Rama!

A convergence of Garys. Plus, a bonus no-share smackdown by my mother. Go, Mom-O-Rama!

Call. Terry GilliamNOWWWWWWWWWW.

I’m picturing Baron Munchausen meets Time Bandits, and Edward Snowden will land in Russia in a flying pirate ship. Oliver Stone will HAVE TO be played by Eddie Izzard in full drag.

Tout est parfait! Picture from

Tout est parfait!
Picture from

I got’cher close-up riiiiiiiiiiight heeeeeeeeere, Mr. Stone.

Terry Gilliam, I look forward to hearing from your people very soon.

p.s. My friends rule.

10 responses to Someone Call Terry Gilliam, STAT!

  1. I mostly love your mom’s response. 🙂 Mine? Who the f#^k are these people you talk about. Normal people neither know, nor care, who directed the crappy film they may or may not see, FYI.



    This was funny. I don’t FB so am not certain of how it works. I liked Platoon and Wall Street quite a bit and maybe Nixon but thats about it. Have a great weekend !


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I stop at “Platoon”. And I think it’s funny that the “Wall Street” sequel was universally panned. I’m the person who likes edgy movies and thought “Natural Born Killers” was totally stupid. And Val Kilmer was doing everything he could to turn in the performance of his life in “The Doors”, but…even that good old-fashioned combination of sex and drugs and rock & roll ended up kind of “meh” by the end. So. Not an Oliver Stone fan. Glad you liked the post! Thanks. You have a great weekend too!



        Joe Wright is one of my favorites to date! I did not watch the sequel, salvaging an aging script does not appeal. Have a great week Terri!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Came up with an even more deranged ending for said movie than I initially could have imagined. I’d watch it too, just for the end! “Brazil”, eat your heart out…


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