Spam Haiku: Carp Bait

Once again, I have received a spam too delicious to not celebrate. This one, apparently, extols the virtues of carp bait. 

Carp bait.

Like I could leave that alone.

In order to preserve the syllabic pattern of a haiku, I inserted one word. Just one. Otherwise, it is untouched. Enjoy.

You will probably

recognise some or all of

these as some as used

i-have-too-much-stuffmore than others with

very great success in carp

baits. After users

carp baitchoose their avatar

they’re transported into their

apartment. But have

avatar apartment

you ever once thought

about living in your boat

full time. Esquimaux.

eskimo in a kayak

Photo credits:

Pile of stuff:

Carp bait:

 Avatar apartment:’s_apartment

Eskimo in a kayak:

3 responses to Spam Haiku: Carp Bait

    • beyondpaisley – Author

      I read my spam for the comedy, it’s true, because there is always something that’s just head-scratchingly funny mixed in with the crazy backlinks. I do wonder. I remember I got one piece of spam that was from…it was a Irish name, Seamus O’Connor or something…and next to his name in the header it said “Sorry about this.” I alternately laughed and felt bad for like an hour, picturing some poor bloke who’s in this shitty job that he hates, knowing that he’s spamming people’s pages and feeling bad about it but you’ve got to pay the rent somehow.


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