Hey erryboddy! CHECK THIS OUT!!!


😀 My very own *noms* At Cherry Alley Cafe, right here in beautiful downtown Lewisburg.

Cherry Alley Cafe, a local coffee shop, has agreed that I should come on board with them and be their marshmallow and cookie maker. And I get to work out of their groovy commercial kitchen, with an oven that doesn’t get wonky in the back (like mine) and giant cookie pans and NO DISHWASHING BY HAND (oh, how my hands thank them).

WHAT??? I’m a cookie chef??? How did this happen?

Occasionally, there are times when I don’t understand my life, but it’s mine and I embrace it all the same. If you had asked me when I first set foot in Lewisburg, “Hey, what will you be doing in (almost)11 years?”, I can guarantee you my answer would not have been, “Still living here, branching out into some sort of cottage business that involves baking cookies and making marshmallows.” And yet, here I am. Still. Doing that.

And teaching Zumba. Because I clearly have a split personality. I make cookies, which is why I work out. Or, I work out so I can make cookies? Perhaps I should consider myself to be “complex”. Or…Well-rounded, how about that?


This is a major building block in the beyondpaisley empire. What shall I call this, o mighty tower of marshmallow?

Toot-toot-a root-toot-tooooooooo!

Thank you, George, for messing up and giving me this name.

Thank you, George, for the slip of the tongue that gave me this name.

So. I’m excited. And I’m ready to move this forward, changing the world through confections.

And cookies.

*double nom*

*double nom*

For what it’s worth…I am an unrepentant fan of chocolate but in all seriousness…try the fig, they’re tremendous.


12 responses to Announcing…

  1. Carly

    Hey you! That’s so fantastic! How lucky they are to have your noms and you in their midst. 😉


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Thanks, love! It’s really exciting. I love it when what-I-never-expected is good and thrilling. And now I’m all, “ooh, what flavors can I do next?” LOL


  2. So excited for you, Terri – you KNOW I’m your #1 fan when it comes to your cookies AND MARSHMALLOWS and, like I said before, mail-order would be good for those of us who can only look at the photos and drool! ❤


  3. Joe DeCristopher

    Ooo, thanks for the heads up. Rave from here for the Fig-Fennel (is that a pinch of cayenne?) and chocolate on chocolate. Yum!!


    • beyondpaisley – Author

      Hey, thanks! It’s not cayenne, it’s just a reasonable amount of black pepper that makes that lovely afterglow. 🙂 Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful relationship. Stay tuned; there will be more to come!


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