Dammit, Sandy. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Hurricane Sandy, Part 2.

Sandy has come through town and my boyfriend and I…and Sammy the Cat, as those of us who saw yesterday’s post are aware…came through it fine.  Our house is safe and dry, no water in the basement, no flooding from Buffalo Creek.  Yay!

But I am from New Jersey.  Most of my family is still in New Jersey.  And New Jersey took a beating.

There are all sorts of photos out there of of boats in the middle of the road and houses lifted off their foundations and water, water everywhere.

Seaside Heights got pounded.  I was in Seaside about a month ago–it was a beautiful day, I wanted pictures–and in retrospect, I’m even more nostalgically glad I went.  Because the devastation there is extraordinary, and parts of the boardwalk have been ripped apart.

You can go to the links and look at the pictures yourself.  This is a significant and happy portion of my misspent youth, torn apart.  I can’t bear to post them.  So instead, I’ll post a pre-Sandy retrospective.  All photos taken by me, September 8, 2012.

From what I’ve heard, part of the log flume and most of the haunted house are gone.

Along the midway. Both piers at either end suffered crazy damage.

And we thought the waves were big that day.

From the balcony at Spicy’s, Seaside Heights.

Big, empty, pristine beach. The roller coaster you can just barely see to the left of the ferris wheel is gone.

Pretty sure this small coaster is destroyed and the Tornado is on its side.

Who’d’a thunk this could come to pieces?


Love and well wishes to everyone out there.

No more posts.