Travel Theme: Paint

Ailsa has set the theme this week at Where’s My Backpack? to: paint.

Right. Got my brushes ready! I’m going to town.

First! I saw this super-airbrushed, mega-painted truck at a rest area somewhere in France. I have yet to understand what gnomes at a swimming hole have to do with long-distance hauling, but nevertheless…behold!



In my town we have a fabulous movie theater, recently lovingly restored to all its art deco glory. If you’re ever in Lewisburg, make sure you catch a movie at the Campus Theatre. The art painted on the walls alone is worth the price of admission.

Feast your eyes upon its glory!

Feast your eyes upon its glory!

’tis the season. Lots of face paint. Me as a zombie, getting ready for a Zombie Run 5K. (Also, please note: the copyright is correct, as this was a selfie. An incredibly successful selfie, but a selfie nonetheless.)

My mother hates this photo.

My mother hates this photo.

Next! It was a lovely day at Montour Preserve, and this painted turtle was out for a bit of sun.

You're beautiful, baby. Don't ever change.

You’re beautiful, baby. Don’t ever change.

And finally. En plein air painters hauled their paints and their easels and their canvases up to the top of Whiteface Mountain to work on a painting of Lake Placid, a/k/a “The Gem of the Adirondacks”. Because…that’s easy? (OK, there is an elevator you can take. And it is very pretty indeed. But still.)

A photo of painters, painting the lake in the photo. This is SO. META.

A photo of painters, painting the lake in the photo. This is SO. META.

Thanks for checking out my photos! Enjoy the rest of Ailsa’s photo challenge participants…or play along, yourself! See you ’round the interwebs.

Travel Theme: Shadows

All hail the mighty Groundhog!  Long may he reign!

In honor of Groundhog Day, Ailsa has decreed this week’s travel theme to be: Shadows.  So to celebrate my shadowy side I figured I’d look at the rascally bunch of ne’er-do-wells I am privileged to be friends with.

Damn musicians.  Step out into the sunlight every so often, people.  These aren’t the tidiest or least grainy pictures I’ve ever taken, but I had a lot of fun taking them.  🙂

Anyway.  First up!  Check out the local favorite Snakes Are Strong, a punk band who trades vocals between their male and female singer a la the band X.  SAS likes to play with their set lighting by projecting a movie–usually some kind of trippy horror flick–over the band.  Below is a picture of the drummer, Pete, and you can see the shadows of the other two members of the bad, Jeff and Brianna, off to the right.  The band’s movie of choice for this performance–I would bet money on this–is Dario Argento‘s Suspiria.

Pete, beasting it on the drums while Brianna and Jeff loom menacingly to the side.

Pete, beasting it on the drums while Brianna and Jeff loom menacingly to the side.

Next:  Drift Division.  My friend Andy’s band played at our gem of an art deco movie house, the Campus Theatre, right here in beautiful downtown Lewisburg.  The band set up in front of the movie screen and also had a film (made for them by a friend of theirs) that projected over them as they played, which seems like a no-brainer when you’ve got a giant screen behind you just begging to be used.

Shadowy men playing moody music.

Shadowy men playing moody music.

And then there’s: Fear Factory.  This taken when I went to see Burt at a show in Philadelphia, and what I love about this picture is that Burt isn’t the primary focus but rather, it’s the silhouettes of the fans up front.  Because the fist pump and the metal horns?  Yeah.  That’s what it’s all about.

Metal. \m/

Metal! \m/

And finally, because my boyfriend starting giving me a hard time about my choice of Fear Factory picture (“Technically that’s a silhouette, not a shadow” he said, to which I replied, “I don’t think Ailsa’s going to call the blog police on me,” though maybe I’m wrong), here is me.  And what is clearly, inarguably, a shadow.  Taken  at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in North Carolina, from the top of one mo’fo’ of a sand dune.



Go check out the rest of the blogs at Ailsa’s travel theme!  You know you want to join in on the fun.  See you there.

Travel Theme: Bright

Ailsa’s travel theme this week over at Where’s My Backpack is “bright”.  Wow.  So, so many interpretations.  Candles?  Christmas?  Sunshine?  Groovy colors?  All valid and awesome examples.  But for me…there is little that gives my heart more of a thrill, that gives me a rush of excitement, than the bright lights of a marquee.  In my head, there is a constant loop of Ziegfeld Follies/Broadway Melody playing.  Right next to the Music for TV Dinners…I want to hire a band that will follow me around and play this as my theme music.

So here are some marquees from my various travels, lighting up the night.

First stop: World’s Most Famous Arena!

A few years ago, my birthday weekend began with a punk show at the roller derby and ended with a hockey game.  It was my very own birthday bloodsport extravaganza, and I loved it like a house on fire.  It was a Rangers game and–what feels like 10,000 years ago–when I was married, my ex- and I had Rangers season tickets.  So going to the Garden was strangely like going back to a house you used to live in.  Not that I wasn’t welcome, mind you.

Oh, how it beckons, it beckons, it calls to me.

It just wasn’t my house anymore.

And for the record, the Rangers won that game.  For me, I think.  🙂  So thanks, guys.

Next stop: Cleveland!

We’d never been to Cleveland.  At least, I’d never been to Cleveland except to drive sort of past it on my travels out west, and I’m pretty sure George had never been there before.  So what do you do with a place you’ve never been?  Why…visit it, of course!

We left right after I got off work and since it’s about a five hour drive from home for us–and of course, we had to stop for some chow along the way–we didn’t roll into town until well into the night.  It was probably something like 10:00 by the time we could feast our eyes on the Cleveland skyline.  So we’re following the directions we have, driving down unfamiliar, and pretty empty, streets.  It was late, the traffic in the city was pretty much non-existent and then…


Surprise!  We turned into the traffic as the theater was letting out.  It was great, actually.  People were in their fancy clothes, laughing and smiling and they rehashed whatever it was they just saw.  Rolling into this vibrant scene gave me a really good feeling about the city, and we ended up having a wonderful time.  Yes, while we were in town we splurged and had a spendy dinner at celebrity chef Michael Symon’s Lola; get the beef cheek pierogies with horseradish creme fraiche, as they are lick-the-plate-in-public good.  Though it was admittedly difficult to tear ourselves away from the tequileria right across the street to make our reservations.

And last but not least: Home Sweet Home

Here in the ‘burg, also occasionally called “Nirvana on the Susquehanna”, we have a gorgeous little art deco movie theater.  The Campus Theatre, listed as part of the Lewisburg Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1941 and has recently been lovingly and painstakingly restored.  One of the first things to get replaced, long before the entirety of the restoration, was the marquee.  It’s bright,all right.  It’s plenty eye-catching.  And best of all, it’s advertising a show that night given by my friend Andy’s band, so it’s extra rockingly awesome for me.

Good times, close to home.

You can tell by the lights in the trees that this took place somewhere around Christmastime.  I really do live in Norman Rockwell central.  When I wonder how that happened, I can’t help but think…really, who cares?  I’ve got to stop over-thinking stuff.

See you around the ‘burg!  For more interpretations of “bright”, visit Ailsa.

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