Travel Theme: Dazzling

This week, the theme at Where’s My Backpack? is: dazzling. So why wait? Let’s get dazzled.

The other day, my neighbor’s tree was an explosive cascade of color as the sun went long and gold against it.

reeses tree

There’s a reason the “golden hour” is photographically special.

When in Rome…go and tour the Vatican. I almost said I didn’t want to see it, but George insisted we go, and I’m so glad we did. It’s difficult to pick any one thing that was more dazzling or glorious than the next, though many of the fabulous features have already been photographed by a bajillion people. (Think Sistine Chapel, which really is tremendous.)

And then there is the map room. Corridor. Gallery. Every square inch of that room was covered in some kind of fantastic, elaborate painting or sculpture or carving. It was astonishing. Even after walking through most of the Vatican museum and galleries, I still gasped. And was overwhelmed. And had to leave; it was quickly too much.

It goes on and on and on...

It goes on and on and on…

And then we go to the Outer Banks. Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean can dazzle a person on its own, without anything added to it.



The bars in Reykjavik put on a glitzy show during the Christmas season. This is but one of them. And it is highly recommended.

Glamorous, yet cozy.

Glamorous, yet cozy.

And finally, here is a bit of razzle-dazzle right here at home, on my window sill. I’m not entirely sure why the designer thought these lucite deer deserved to be given the Jabba the Hutt/Slave Leia treatment, but there they are nonetheless. Plus, they sure do catch the light beautifully, don’t they?


You never can tell what you’ll find in a thrift store.

Are you dazzled yet? If not, let Richard Gere give you a little Razzle-Dazzle out the door (and if you haven’t seen Chicago, then change that immediately).


I was in the flea-markety basement of Street of Shops, the closest thing I’ve seen to a bazaar for freaks, weeding through old dishes and dated cookbooks and discarded dolls and rusted cookie tins. Lest you wonder why I was there, you can find treasures at the Street of Shops. I’ve found the dishes I use every day. I’ve found some great furniture.  And today, I found…this.



That’s right. It’s an orange lucite deer, chained around the throat to its own fawns.  And the whole deer family looks a little deranged.

A boy's best friend is his mother, Norman.

A boy’s best friend is his mother, Norman.

Not that it’s not understandable. Because as much as I love my mother, I don’t think I’d thrive if I was chained to her.


And apples.

I have them set up so that they’ll blaze bright every morning in the rising sun, because who doesn’t want to feast their eyes on that every day while making one’s coffee?

Seriously. What.

Seriously. What.

Even my adorable woodland deer salt and pepper shakers look on in bewilderment. George pointed out to me that I paid good money for them and I maintain that they would be a bargain at twice the price. Because you don’t just come across beauties like this every day.

I can’t believe someone got rid of them in the first place.


B! Challenge: Back Yard

I’m a city girl, or at least, a really busy suburb girl.  I grew up in central New Jersey (you got a problem with that?), surrounded by major highways and air traffic and a commuter rail to Manhattan.  I’ve lived in both the Boston metro area and San Antonio, Texas, and suffice it to say that these are both developed regions.  So imagine my surprise when I found myself A) smack-dab in the middle of Pennsylvania, and B) with a farm in my back yard.  (And C) I love it here.)  It’s true.  Our neighbor farms the strip of land that abuts our back yard; I’ve seen soy and alfalfa planted and watched the corn grow knee-high almost overnight.  I’ve watched hay baling.  When did I ever think I’d watch hay baling?

There’s a creek that runs along the other side of the farm (or a “crick”, for you central PA-ers) that attracts all sorts of wildlife.   Often that wildlife consists of groundhogs and skunks, but sometimes, you get unexpected visitors.  Anyway.  Here are some B-is-for-back-yard photos; it’s all a wonder and mystery to me, in a good way.

My neighbor, mowing the alfalfa.

Taking a break with dad.

The view from my back porch.

This guy was out back about a week ago.

Red-tailed hawk?  Seems to be.  Any bird people out there?  That’s the story I’m sticking with until I hear otherwise.

And he brought a friend.

This would not be the day to step out in my mouse-topped hat.

And then, just this very morning…

A deer running across the field. Please note the nicely baled alfalfa (see farmer in first picture).

Hey. ‘ssup?

Who knows what I’ll see tomorrow?

This post is for the B! Challenge by Frizztext

Because I love a good alphabet challenge.

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