Epic Mega-Spamku

I got the most deeeeeranged spam in my (thankfully, incredibly useful) spam folder yesterday.  As I was looking at it I realized it was a) completely unintelligible and b) read a little bit like an epic, vaguely cohesive haiku.  So here it is, only minutely modified for space and syllabic timing, arranged as epic poetry, with illustrations and some zen-groovy koto music to accompany you on this epic poetic journey (scroll to the bottom for music).

Chinese chili sauce

on type of basket, wicker

basket, straw basket,


champagne bucket, an-

tique trunk, hamper, Asian-style

trunk, picnic basket,

seas’nal container.

Aiming to please they offer

everything you need

 to shop pertaining

to wine are two possible

causes. The beauty

and allure of a

cheeseless ground beef lasagna

made with organic


grapes, Hungarian

 Sauvignon Blanc costs about

 two thirds as much. The

greatest most severe

types classified as cante

jondo or cante

grande plus came here

initially from inside

the past have largely

in truth disappeared.

As well as have various.

Eternity calls.

p.s.  To anyone concerned that I am freely juxtaposing Chinese and Japanese artistic works I say to you now: well, duh.  I’m not shooting for accuracy.  

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