Travel Theme: Round

The travel theme this week at Where’s My Backpack? is “round”, and oh, how do you narrow that down? It’s so open to interpretation, so full of possibilities. There are lots of things in this world that are round. Where to begin?

Oh, OK. We just got back from a trip to Boston, and I had my camera working overtime for a few days. So. Any picture I use today will be from a trip to my northern home away from home.

While wandering around Boston Common, we walked behind the Frog Pond, the area that is the site of the winter skating rink and the summer carousel and reflecting pool. It’s no longer winter so the rink is empty. The carousel, not quite set up, has been broken out of its winter coverings.

Stacked, dismantled merry-go-round parts aren't nearly as much fun as the real thing.

Stacked, dismantled merry-go-round parts aren’t nearly as much fun as the real thing. But they look cool.

Also on the Common…spring finally approaches! It was strangely exciting to be in a city at the exact weekend that the seasons were changing. I looked up the path I had walked to my hotel just the day before and suddenly, there were puffy pink buds over my head. I have no idea what sort of buds they are and I’m willing to learn. But. Yay! Finally! It was a long, cold winter here in the northeast. I’m not alone in saying I’m glad it’s changing.

Hey, Bud.

Hey, Bud.

Meanwhile, on Beacon Hill… We were wandering the streets of Beacon Hill looking for interesting things–it’s a neighborhood I don’t know very well, but will absolutely visit more often, as it is a fascinating blend of wealthy and quirky–when this gorgeous bit of iron grillwork over someone’s front door caught my eye. I love the combination of rigidity and soft shapes.

No, I didn't crop this photo. The front of the building was washed out in a blast of afternoon sun, but the door and accompanying grillwork were recessed and in photo-friendly shadow.

No, I didn’t crop this photo. The front of the building was washed out in a blast of afternoon sun, but the door and accompanying grillwork were recessed and in photo-friendly shadow.

While wandering among the open-air vendors along Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market, I came upon a cart that sells sparkly whirligigs. I have no interest in owning one. But they sure looked pretty, flashing together in the sun that day.



Also at Quincy Market, a light pole full of the roundest, bubbliest, grooviest street lights around.

Bubbles! Bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles!

Bubbllllllles! Bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles!

And finally…

This building sits just behind the (currently closed) Government Station T-stop, and I’ve always loved the architecture, how this building makes that wide, smooth arc, like it’s some kind of castle or something. On this day, partly because of the lighting and partly because of my ever-growing nerdery, this building particularly reminded me of the opening credits to Game of Thrones, where the buildings all move together like cogs in the giant Lannister machine.

"A mad man sees what he sees." -- GRR Martin, A Game of Thrones

“A mad man sees what he sees.” — GRR Martin, A Game of Thrones

*stands around waiting for someone to punch her nerd cred certification sheet*

And so, that’s it for me. Enjoy checking out the rest of Ailsa’s travel theme participants!

Here’s the GoT credits to play on your way out.

A Word A Week Challenge: Sign

I’m going to keep this one brief, since the city is calling, it’s (finally!) a beautiful day, and I’ve got an itchy camera finger. But. In response to this week’s A Word A Week Challenge from skinnywench, I give you…sign.

Same thing, right?

Same thing, right?

The lesson from this? For good or for ill…assemble at Faneuil Hall.

Or else.

Enjoy the other challenges!

32 Reasons Why I Love Boston

As we are surely aware, my beloved city of Boston suffered tragedy yesterday as [an as yet undetermined person or organization who I hope chokes on a bag of dicks] set off a few bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Now.  I could focus on being angry and sad, but it doesn’t change what happened.  And I get the contingent of people who say, “Oh, a bomb went off in a crowded public place?  Here, that’s called “Tuesday”,” though really, people, that sort of self-righteous cynicism only adds to the outrage so until tempers cool, do us all a favor and STFU.

Until we figure out who did it and ran, I don’t feel like I’m qualified to add fuel to the socio-cultural-impact fire.  I didn’t lose a loved one or know anyone who was injured.  I just hate senseless violence and so, I am sad.

So rather than focusing on the glum and the negative (I’ll let the various investigative departments worry about that), I figured I’d look at some of the many, many reasons that Boston kicks ass.  This is in no way a comprehensive list but rather, one comprised of the photos I have handy.  You can argue about what belongs on here all you’d like and I’ll welcome it, but I maintain: it is because of things like these that Boston kicks ass.

The MFA.


The Big Noodle.




This staircase.


This guy.


Cuervo Games.


The Feast of St. Joseph.


This street performer.


And this one.

Feasting at The Green Dragon.

356And live music at The Black Rose.


The T.


The Citgo sign.


This harbor tour boat.


Boston Harbor at night.


Rehearsals for Shakespeare in the Park.






One badass dude on a horse.


This lady.


Faneuil Hall.


The Sam Adams Brewery Tour.


The Hancock Building.


The surreally beautiful Public Garden.


The North End.


The Mary Baker Eddy Library.




Eric Clapton’s boat.


World’s saddest snowman.


Whale watches.


The wall of saints.


The skyline at sunset.


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