Travel Theme: Art: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Ailsa’s travel theme this week at is pretty simple: Art.  Street art?  Painty art?  What kind of art?

I choose…ummm…repurposed art.

You can find Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens at 1020 South Street in Philly.  It’s the work of the brilliantly creative and resourceful Isaiah Zagar, who has been crafting mosaics onto buildings in his Philadelphia neighborhood out of tile…or vinyl albums…or glass bottles…or forks…or whatever has come his way, since the 1960s.  The Magic Gardens began in 1994 in a vacant lot next to Zagar’s home.  See for yourself what it’s become.

And finally, here’s a look at the artist himself.

Plan to spend fully a half a day, as there is just that much to feast one’s eyes upon.  Bring water.  If it’s even a little damp out, wear shoes with good grippy soles, because those tiles get awfully slippery.  I’m looking at you, flip-flop wearers.  Have lots and lots of room on your cameras.  And be ready to want to stick things to your walls and any surface that can support having things stuck to them, once you get home.

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