Photo Challenge: Monochrome

This week, the good people of WordPress issued a “monochrome” photo challenge. OK. I’m in.

Here’s the cream-on-cream sleeve of a wedding dress decorated entirely in sea shells. Not that that would be too heavy to move in or impossible to sit in. You can feast your eyes on this baby at the Peabody Museum in Salem, MA, when you’re in that town and need a break from the witch business.


Here comes the sorely weighted down bride…dum dum da dummmm…

Next, we have the gentle golden glow of lights in a grape-cluster chandelier. I want one of these in my house soooo bad. See them for yourself at Dr. Frank’s winery in Keuka Lake. (And plus, there’s wine!)


Tres glamorous!

In the right light, battleships look more blue than grey. Welcome to the USS North Carolina, docked in Wilmington, NC. And by “right light”, I mean, against a blue-blue sky.


You got something to say?

The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail boasts all manner of flora, which crumbles into funky shapes of brown and grey when the seasons change. Behold a desiccated milkweed pod.


Monarch butterflies love these things.

And today, right outside my front door, I noticed a funky little leaf curling in upon itself, tucked in among the rhododendron bush.

Fractaltastic! (Science joke. If you don't get won't get it.)

Fractaltastic! (Science joke. If you don’t get it…you won’t get it.)

There’s my monochromatic photos. I hope you enjoyed, and maybe even decide to play along (if you haven’t already, of course). Thanks for dropping by!

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Scenes from the Rail Trail: April 2, 2014

Yesterday was the first day I was able to bike-commute this season (for the record, yours truly ain’t no cold-weather biker) and all I have to say is…YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!  I enjoyed my ride to work (and home) so much I even dreamed happy dreams of it when I went to bed last night. That is a totally true story.

The hardest part for me in my quest to get to work along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail is in the actual moving forward. Not because I have problems riding my bike but rather, because it is so damn pretty. I have a hard time not hopping off my bike every ten feet to take another picture and look at another gorgeous eyeload full of central PA scenery. Everything was fresh and muddily, wetly new. Some flowers were out, and some bushes and such were still in their gray and bare winter tatters, with the occasional bud peeking out from under things. With that in mind, less talky! More looky! Welcome to Scenes from the Rail Trail–2014!

This guy was there to greet me almost as soon as I got on the trail. Could be vaguely creepy…cue the spooky organ music in my head!

Welcome. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Welcome. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

How about a little winter aconite (or eranthis, if you prefer?) to brighten up your early spring ride?


Hey there, one of the first blossoms of spring. Lookin’ good!

Meanwhile, down the road a piece…

Did they photoshop their farm into the landscape just to make sure it looked photogenically perfect, before building?

Did they photoshop their farm into the landscape just to make sure it looked photogenically perfect, before building?

See what I mean about wanting to stop every ten feet? I’m telling you, this is with considerable “I have to get to work” restraint exercised.

Soon-to-be parents get ready with a snug new mud nest.


Welcome home, kid.

While fences do make good neighbors, they also make for interesting shadows when the light is right.


I’m not really sure why this stretch of fence is here, except to provide for fun photo ops. Thanks, random fence builder people!

Thanks to everyone who responded to a previous post (and on Facebook), I now know that this is an exploded milkweed pod. Which looks golden and awesome, glinting in the morning sun.

Is that Medusa's face I see..?  Whew! Nope, just the weird milkweed husk.

Is that Medusa’s face I see..? Whew! Nope, just the weird milkweed husk.

And finally…we begin with birds, we end with birds. Robin Redbreast is ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Damn paparazzi.

Damn paparazzi.

So yay! A return to warmer weather and fun on the Trail! Can’t wait to see what else there is to see there.

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