Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Precious little narrative required for this photo challenge.  Here is “wrong”, as I see it and have corroborating photographic evidence.

First, presenting a picture I took of a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” ornament. This ornament is a travesty, and only relative to the Grinch if you should imagine the Grinch and Regan from The Exorcist had a love child.


Suffice to say, I sent this back for a refund.

Next, behold the four cheese pizza from California Pizza Kitchen‘s grocer’s freezer department.

Mozzarella, fontina, smoked Gouda and…? I guess the fourth cheese is failure.

Next is Dr. Frankenpoo‘s sugar free Suck Up candy. With real nipple!  So many emotional issues, such a cavalcade of reinforced oral fixations. I would encourage the kids considering buying this to take up smoking instead.

Not only fail, but ewwwww.

I apologize for the blurry quality of the next shot, but I was in a dim room and I needed to get a close shot so one could envision the miracle that will take place on July 2rd.

Forget the Ides of March. Beware the 2rd of July.

Spam Lite. Does wrongness of this this require explanation?

I can’t even begin to imagine what’s in this. I was too scared to pick it up.

And finally…

I walked into the ladies’ room at a local movie theater and saw one of the doors, sealed with caution tape.  Words can’t describe how many levels of wrong I experienced when I saw this. What the hell happened? Why didn’t management just handle it? How horrified would I be if I took a peek?  I’ve seen some pretty gnarly public restrooms; what merits being completely sealed off?

That? Is so wrong.

I’m sure this will disappoint some of you, but no. I couldn’t bring myself to look.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Here’s a little something to help cool us off during the heat of summer, as I sit here and reminisce about winter.

I woke up one morning to the crisp blue and sparkling white of a clear day after a surprise snowfall the night before.  I live in central Pennsylvania, so the idea of snow in the winter is hardly foreign (though we had no real snowfall to speak of this past winter, which makes me sad for several reasons) but fresh snow is almost always breathtakingly beautiful.  I was feeling particularly snug this morning; warm blankets, purring kitty, hot coffee, nice boyfriend to curl up with.  I felt serene.  Safe.  Warm.

Presenting the view from inside:

Good morning!  The view from my bedroom.

The view from my kitchen door. Notice I still didn’t venture outside.

From my front door. Dig my neighbor’s crazy Dr. Seuss tree.

It was beautiful out there.  But I’m glad I stayed inside.  Keep cool, everyone!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

I love Boston and go up there at least twice a year (once in the summer, and once at Christmas and yes, I love Boston in the winter).  While I’m there, inevitably, I come across interesting goings-on in the streets and I’ve learned to bring my camera with me at all times. Just.  In.  Case.  So here are some fleeting moments from a trip to Boston in July, 2010, which for some inexplicable and extremely fortuitous reason was rife with photographable events.

A living statue street performer. The kids looking at her seem to be universally befuddled.

The “Barrel Roll”, part of the Jose Cuervo games, wherein the contestants try to climb a giant inflatable pyramid and the gamesmen, a la Donkey Kong, try to knock the players off by throwing barrels at them. Have a tequila!

Swan boats at the Boston Public Gardens.  It’s so dreamy. Welcome to Fairyland.

Makin’ way for ducklings, Boston Public Garden.

Shakespeare in the Park, Boston Common.

Some kind of reality show filming, Boylston St.

And on, and on.  I could probably post fifty pictures without breaking too hard of a sweat.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Close is such a…such an oddly open word, know what I mean?  It can mean nearby, it can mean emotionally connected.  It can mean both, which is normally comforting.  But it can also impart feelings of oppression, it can violate personal space, and if the “s” makes a “z” sound, then it’s not open at all.

How trying.

As I am a self-appointed ambassador for spreading peace and love and joy (at least, for today I am), I’m focusing on the positive aspects of closeness.  As I can’t make up my mind about which picture I have that I like best, I’m putting up several.  I hope you enjoy them all.

Man’s best friend, indeed.

I.  LOVE.  This dog.  This was taken at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on the day after Thanksgiving, 2011; it was uncharacteristically warm and we thought this would be a great place to walk off the previous day’s turkey (and pie, and mashed potatoes, and and and…).  We saw this dog on the beach, ever vigilant (notice the posture of what you can see of the guy sitting behind him.  I think he was napping), and I said to my boyfriend, “If anyone tried to get a hold of that pole they’d be sorry.”  I thought the pooch’s dedication to his favorite human ought to be recorded for posterity.  Judging by pooch’s proud look, he agreed.


One of the many things I enjoy about photography is the moment when you find that thing that makes you think about things you don’t expect it to make you think about.  Dig?  So I like to take pictures of how things work–I have tons of shots of gears and pulleys, and I decided to take a closeup of one of the many, many hooks and joists and doohickeys that hold a wooden roller coaster together.  With the kids rolling past in the background I thought…what would this ride be like if that hook wasn’t sunk so securely into the wood?  For the want of a nail, and all.  The hook is a tiny, tiny thing in the overall picture of a roller coaster (when you think “roller coaster” do you think, “eye hooks” or do you think, “Wheeee!”?), but boy, does it ever matter.  Give that hook a round of applause and the credit it richly deserves.


This is a picture of my boyfriend and (one of) my beautiful niece(s), taken last year, at the same amusement park.  (Non-central-PA peeps, chances are good you’ve not heard of Knoebel’s Grove–I hadn’t until I moved here–but it is an absolute gem of Americana-style family entertainment and should be put on every family’s must-see list.)  This was the first ride we went on and she unequivocally declared she wanted to sit next to Uncle George.  Then she wrapped herself around his arm and pretended to be scared of the ride when in fact, she was (clearly) delighted.

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How would you interpret “close”?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Mary Jo and I have been friends since about…


Kindergarten, Mrs. Keating and Miss Potenza’s split class.  She is the cherubic, well-behaved one in the front with ladylike clasped hands; I am standing behind her, giving a five-year-old stinkeye to someone off camera.  Some things never change.  Please note that that may be the last time in my life I’ve worn yellow.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Sparing the gory details (perhaps a violation of the rules of blogging but you know…some laundry doesn’t need to be aired), Mary Jo and her husband David were the steady hands that got me through a tremendous crisis, and they didn’t judge, they didn’t snark.  They just supported, dealt with my meltdowns when they came, and got me safely to the next stage of my life.

If that’s not friendship I don’t know what is.  I can only hope to be so graceful to friends in need.

Thanks, guys.  Love you.

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