Scenes from the Rail Trail: October 6, 2013

While I’ve normally only ridden the Rail Trail as far as work–which is about 12 miles round-trip–today, I totally went for it, going the extra 4 miles to the end of the trail and then back.   So, if the maths work like they’re supposed to, that means I just successfully completed a 20 mile bike ride, which is the first time ever I’ve ridden that far.

Feeling slightly badass.  But ow.  But still.  🙂  Woot!

Speaking of “ow”, I have to say that while I’m really enjoying my bike I’ve endured some bizarro injuries I never expected to have.  Last week, a bug flew like it was targeting me, directly into my eyeball.  Which, you know. Pain!  Plus it’s just weird.  And then today?  I was absolutely walloped by a falling black walnut.  They’re surprisingly dense, and it hit with some serious impact.  Welt, bruise, the whole nine.  I developed a whole new appreciation for that Wizard of Ozapple-hurling scene.  Those walnut thingies hurt!

I confess, I don’t mind having a reason to think of The Wizard of Oz.  Only one of the greatest movies ever and I would love to have a flying monkey of my very own. Anyhow.

Occasionally, during my dazzling feats of athleticism, I stopped to take pictures.  It’s extraordinarily beautiful around here so I submit that I had no choice; judge me if you must.

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See you ’round the trail!

Scenes from the Rail Trail: Sept. 25 2013

We try to keep things groovy here in our lovely little ‘burg.  We have a great single-screen, lovingly restored, art deco movie house and the local filmmakers who have used said movie house (pre-restoration) as a set in their film.  We have top-notch jazz.  We have a highly competitive liberal arts university which brings us all manner of academics, either as professors or guest speakers.  This often makes for surprisingly interesting conversations when you’re out on the town.  And we have the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail.

Thanks to a joint effort between the Lewisburg Area Recreation Authority (LARA), Union County, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Federal Highway Department, a long-unused railway line was acquired, the rails were repurposed and the ground was paved and/or laid out with packed gravel.  The rail trail parallels Route 45, which is our major east-west corridor, and is a 9.2 mile, mostly flat-ish path through farmland and rolling hills.

It’s purty.

And, the business I’ve started doing a part time writing gig at is just off the trail.

That’s right.  I’ve become the granola girl who bicycle-commutes to work.

I’m sure that soon I’ll start talking more about riding, and about how I’ve been giving an exorbitant amount of thought lately to the change I’ve experienced in my relationship to fitness (has it EVER, and sometimes I feel like I hardly know myself any more), but in this particular blog today?

I just want to talk about how the rail trail is super-purty.

Here’s some shots from my commute.  Here’s what I got to look at yesterday, going to and from my job.

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And yes, biking through all that bucolic splendor has aggravated fall allergies I never even knew I had.  But.  This is why Claritin was given unto the world.  I ride again tomorrow, and I’m totally psyched!

I dig my life.

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